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The Eurovelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route has three sections in the Alentejo region, which follow its coastline and allow you to discover all the diverse landscape of the Alentejo Coast.

Section 5 begins in the Algarve Region, in the village of Aljezur, and ends at Vila Nova de Milfontes, in the Alentejo, crossing typical, serene villages and towns that are rich in heritage and a wealth of flora and fauna. On the way, make sure not to miss the village of Odeceixe and the towns of Zambujeira do Mar and Almograve. This section is included in the Natural Park of South-west Alentejo and Vicentina Coast.

Follow the path and discover section 6 that departs from Vila Nova de Milfontes following the river and the sea. On the way to Porto Covo you will find typical Alentejo landscapes with fields of lupin and poppies with yellow and red colours prevailing. Following the tour, you will also pass through Pessegueiro Island and the Santo André and Sancha Lagoons (Nature Reserve), where this section ends.

The section 7 route begins in Melides, with a landscape dominated by moorland and agricultural meadows dedicated to cultivation, primarily of rice. Visit the Lagoa de Melides, rich in fauna and flora and where you can take part in activities such as birdwatching in the Sado Estuary (famous for its flamingos), canoeing and hiking. Following the route to the north, you enter the parish of Carvalhal, which has a coastal area extending 30 kilometres where you can enjoy numerous beaches. As far as archaeological heritage is concerned, the Roman Ruins of Troia, the palafite quay and the typical thatched huts (Carrasqueira) stand out. The route ends in Setúbal, but to get there you need to board the ferry and cross the Sado River.

If you fancy trying this route, browse the Programmes offered by a range of companies, whether you prefer an organised tour or need further information about support Services that you’ll find along the way.

Eurovelo 1 - The Atlantic Coast Route incorporates the European network of cycle routes, connecting Vila Real de Santo António in the Algarve, with the North Cape in Scandinavia, running along the entire Portuguese coastline as far as Caminha in the north of the country. If you want to continue to follow this route, dare to discover the next Region.

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